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Elaine Taylor is an Edinburgh writer, and author of The Silver Moon Storybook, a collection of 7 feminist fairy tales. Or as she discovered after publication, 6 feminist fairy tales and one abject failure of limitation by internalised misogyny. Oops…

Welcome to my blog; this is where I will be coming to chat all things fairy tale, myth, spirituality and psychology. I have been fascinated since childhood with fairy tales, and the older I get the more I come to understand how these “children’s stories” actually contain important themes and symbols that can help us to understand ourselves and the world we live in.

In 2018 I wrote The Silver Moon Storybook, as a response to what I saw as problematic children’s media that perpetuates limiting and harmful gender stereotypes. Silver Moon really lifted the lid on my own gendered programming, forcing me to confront parts of myself that I would rather have left in the shadows and ultimately leading to a number of life-changing epiphanies. And several breakdowns, which are probably more accurately described as breakthroughs.

As I continue to work on figuring out where I fit in to the world, I want to explore how the stories we are exposed to as children, whether from a book in the arms of a loving parent, or from less pleasant sources altogether, can affect us for the rest of our lives.

So sign up here for analysis of classic and obscure fairy tales, chat from behind the scenes of Silver Moon, and the obligatory thread of feminism that tends to weave itself through my writing. I might even write a few more fairy tales myself if the mood takes me.


Published by elainetaylorwriter

Elaine is a digital project manager and writer who lives just outside Edinburgh.

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